The dappr little Dabber is a rare bird indeed–a compact dayboat owing nothing to the racing-dinghy-type hull so common on smaller boats today.

Hull: The Dabber has an entirely different type of hull, cleverly based on the tough clinker-built beach boats of the opast, with their long straight keels. Her well-veed after sections give responsive steering and ease of handling even at lower speeds. The built-in “bustle” pushes the stern wave aft where it keeps the shallow rudder well covered. Rowing is very easy indeed and outboards of the lowest power are all you need to drive the boat.

Durable: The attractive and seaworthy little Dabber is also tough enough for serious inshore fishing from tidal beaches. Her glassfibre and resin hull is well protected from bumps and bangs by a tough hardwood keel and bilge rubbers–both of which are easily renewed. The protected well for outboards is set well to port, leaving tiller and rudder unencumbered. A large aft locker, open stowage and positive buoyancy are other Dabber pluses–as are the level floorboards, well above and bilge-water.

Sailing: The standard boat has oars and rowlocks and the fixed hull fittings needed for sailing. As a first step to adding sail there is an additional kit including mast, spars, all necessary rigging for a single mainsail plus cenreplate and tackle and the rudder, tiller and sail itself–a standing lug with boom. Keener sailing types may subsequntly add to sail area by conversion to yawl rig by adding jib, bowsprit, mizzen and bumpkin, or of course these may be ordered with the boat initially.