The Drascombe™ Flotilla: A range of seaworthy, small craft intended to row, sail and motor in a variety of conditions. These boats have found homes with as diverse a group of individuals as one might find anywhere–and while generalizing about their owners might prove difficult–it is fair, I think, to suggest common ground in their appreciation for simplicity of means and traditional craft-of-sail.

The forces of nature, and the elements they move, are reflected in the beautiful lines of a well-conceived boat. These natural forces often remain unnoticed as we go about our lives until we find ourselves held firmly in their grasp, and made aware of their colossal magnitude. Such times are memorable. Boats serve as a bridge, providing us deliberate connection to these forces and to Nature itself.

To those readers new to the Drascombes™, welcome. This site is an introduction to their history and designs.